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Meet Jason Grose, LMP, massage therapist in Redmond

Jason Grose, LMP

Jason was inspired to become a massage therapist in order to help others achieve better health. Jason knows first-hand what it means to proactively work towards better health. He has moderate scoliosis and has had to employ a variety of vitalistic modalities, such as massage and chiropractic, to stay healthy. He graduated from Everest College of Bremerton in August of 2009, and has since been diligently helping patients reach their goals in health and overall well-being. He has been with Clear Chiropractic since October of 2011, and feels that clinical, rehabilitative practice is a perfect fit. Jason specializes in deep tissue and therapeutic massage. In addition, he has also attended advanced classes in balancing the muscles of the low back, hips and pelvis. His skills are strong suited to relieve upper back, shoulder and neck tension, as well as, reducing tension from a stressful work week that can cause headaches.

Jason enjoys working with people who want to feel and perform better, whether it is simply resolving the pain or tension holding them back or working to improve the quality of your health. So if you’re tired of being sore and tight in your day-to-day life, or you are looking to perform better physically and mentally…Jason’s your guy!

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