Meet Emily Paxton at Clear Chiropractic in Redmond, WA

Emily Paxton, Office Manger

Emily was born and raised with her 6 brothers and sisters in Columbus, Ohio. In 2014, she left central Ohio with her husband Seth in search of new adventures. Prior to her working at Clear Chiropractic Redmond, she had worked in many customer service settings and knew that she wanted to continue to serve her community in the hopes of improving others well-being. As of 2017, she found Clear Chiropractic Redmond and is excited to see what she can do for the city of Redmond.

Over the years, she has learned a lot about Chiropractic care and the benefits of having her spine checked on a regular basis. She is a huge advocate of Chiropractic and will let everyone she knows or comes in contact with hear the benefits as well. In the office, she is a jack of all trades and is happy to help in any area that is needed, such as the front desk, scheduling, insurance and patient education/care. She is always there to help any patient that comes in, as well as her CCR family.

In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, playing board games, cooking new health dishes, catching up on their favorite tv series, as well as adventuring with friends.

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